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Պիցցայի պատմությունը

The prototype of pizza is more than 2500 years old. Its homeland is the ancient Greek.

Of course at those times it hadn't got the same look and the taste that we used to. It was a round, flat bread with the variety of foods. The ancient Greeks baked flat bread on which they placed the products. Most often they used olive, garlic, onion, herb, cheese and butter.

Even Plato, in his book "The Republic" mentioned about the food that was prepared during the holidays. It was known as «Plakuntos». 

More lately the same dish appeared in Rome. Among the Romans it was named «Plakunta». That dish was just like the Greek’s one but had its cultural unique.

The history of our well known Italian pizza starts about 200 years ago, when in the most populated city of Europe in Naples the bakers started preparing the cake, which they covered with a layer of tomato sprinkled with oregano and doused with oil, and sometimes placed cheese on the top. In this way the story of pizza started.

At that time the most popular pizzas were «Mariana» and «Margarita». The first one was in honor of sailors and the second one had its own interesting story. 

"Margarita" was first made in 1889 and got its name in honor of the first Italian king Umberto I's wife, Queen Margarita.

The royal couple, during their arrival to summer residence in Naples, wanted to try the local dish. Royal cooks quickly gathered and began to prepare all the recipes, but had not been able to create something delicious.

That is why pizziolo Rafael Esposito with his wife were invited to prepare something tasty. Esposito created three examples of pizza, but only one of them the queen liked most. It was made with three color ingredients reminding the flag of Italy: red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basilica).

Esposito named this pizza after the queen and that was how pizza «Margarita» was born.

The queen ordered to bake «Margarita» only in ovens of her palace. But soon this order was changed. Nowadays there are more than two thousand different types of pizzas in Italy.

Preserving the traditions of Italian pizza, «Tashir Pizza» presents its own unique taste and appearance.